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2024 C.O.C. 7-Day #B
Intensive Training Camp

July 21-27, 2024

$940.00 (camper only)

Sierra Outdoor School

15700 Old Oak Ranch Rd.

Sonora, Ca 95370


The C.O.C. 7-Day Intensive Training Camps are perfect for the inspired athlete or seasoned wrestler that desires to learn how to train. You will receive world class technique from our Olympians, World Team Members, NCAA National Champs and All-Americans! You will be training alongside the 10 day intensive wrestlers.

Camp Information Flyer




2024 C.O.C. “Elite” Wrestling School


(What to Bring)

Intensive Camp/ Equipment and Wrestling Gear

All Intensive Wrestling Camps have (4) sessions per day, so it is very important that all

campers have the proper training gear and needs for these camps:


1) Sleeping Bag/ Pillow

2) (4) Bath Towels

3) All toiletries (toothbrush/ toothpaste/wash cloths/Advil or Aleve etc.

4)  Shower shoes

5) Running Shoes

6) Head Gear

7) Mouth Guard

8) Wrestling Shoes

9) Knee Pads

10) (12) Pairs of Socks

11) (12) Workout Shirts

12) (12) Shorts

13) (2) Sweats Tops/Bottoms

14) Laundry Soap (C.O.C. Sonora) will have washers/dryers)

15) $100 cash for camp store and snack

For more information email:

Call: (866) 854-2560

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