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2024 Big Bear 7-Day Intensive Camp

Salvation Army Pine Summit Camp

700 Wren Dr.

Big Bear Lake, California 92315

June 23 - June 29 - 2024

Check in: 2:00 pm

Check out: 2:00 pm

Resident Price: $890.00

Commuter Price: $760.00

The C.O.C. 7-Day Intensive Training Camp is the backbone of our camps! Since 1980 this camp has been the most popular camp in the western region United States. Our system has developed NCAA National Champions, NCAA All-Americans, more state champions and place winners from 21 other camp in the west has this record! Our elite system is by far the most extensive wrestling developmental camp that no other camp can match. Train with other driven wrestlers from all over the country to be the best you can be...The C.O.C. will get you on top of the podium! This Camp is perfect for high school programs to bring their entire team and coaching staff. Call for team rates.



2024 C.O.C. “Elite” Wrestling School


(What to Bring)

Intensive Camp/ Equipment and Wrestling Gear

All Intensive Wrestling Camps have (4) sessions per day, so it is very important that all

campers have the proper training gear and needs for these camps:


1) Sleeping Bag/ Pillow

2) (4) Bath Towels

3) All toiletries (toothbrush/ toothpaste/Advil or Aleve etc.)

4)  Shower Shoes

5) Running Shoes

6) Head Gear

7) Mouth Guard

8) Wrestling Shoes

9) Knee Pads

10) (12) Pairs of Socks

11) (12) Workout Shirts (preferably Dri-Fit)

12) (12) Shorts

13) (2) Sweats Tops/Bottoms

14) Laundry Soap (C.O.C. Sonora will have washers/dryers)

15) $100 cash for camp store and snacks

16) Medium Sized Laundry Bag

For more information email:

Call: (866) 854-2560

Camp Information Flyer

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