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"This camp has taught me so much about myself as a person. I learned that my body can be pushed further than I thought it could. Before I trained to be a champion and if that didn't happen I'd be miserable, I learned that I'm not training to be a champion I work hard because I am a champion this is who I am. All I want at the end of my career is to look at myself in the mirror and have no regrets and I felt like this camp gave me the platform to do that. I will be forever grateful that this camp has done so much for me and taught me how to truly embrace the grind"

Eric Gonzalez 
California High

"At the camp I got in shape. I also learned a lot of technique by the best clinicians, I liked Chris Pendleton and Brent Metcalf, the hard parts of this 12 day camp are what made me better."

Bobby R.

"I came to this camp so I can learn new technique from Olympic wrestlers so that I can use what they taught me to help me improve how I wrestle. Also I came to this camp to help me build my endurance. But most of all this camp has given me the chance to wrestle with new people that has different ways of wrestling.I believe that I was sent to this camp to learn new techniques to improve my wrestling, but mostly to strengthen my endurance."

James W.

"That's hard work. For you to be here .. Be grateful for the best training in the US! Thank the person who helped me get me here, I trained like a champion. What a great camp."

Kyle A

"This camp has shown me and taught me so many things to better myself and better my life from sheer determination and hard work to making a plan and committing to it. Not only has my wrestling knowledge grown but most importantly my knowledge on what I need to do to take that next step up and better myself. The camp of champions has lived up to its name and taught me how to become a champion and i will follow all the many lessons this camp has taught me and take that step above everyone else. I walked in average and came out with the knowledge and skill of a champion."

Larry V.

"I think that this camp is Heaven and Hell on Earth. I would come back because of the great experience and the learning opportunities. I like how the coaches 

push us till we can't be pushed any more. The way the staff gets a long with wrestlers on and off the mat makes kids happy to be at the camp . The competition between wrestlers makes any one who comes better because no one wants to be beat so every take down you have to fight for. So I think that the camp is the best."

Ralph B.

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